Episode 2: Protect and Serve Who?

“A police officer has to walk a fine line between protecting the individual right of that citizen, but also having to react to the greater society or community who wants them out of their sight.” 

– Ron Cowart, on the role of the police in dealing with complaints about the homeless
ron -all

In Episode 2 of Street View, you meet Ron Cowart with the Dallas Police Department’s Crisis Intervention unit. Ron provides insight on the ambivalent relationship Dallas Police have with the homeless, limitations to law enforcement due to the homeless being a “protected class” and the need for specialized methods in approaching and helping the homeless. Discussion continues with Kiki and Chris, a homeless couple who open up about mental health issues and their experiences on the streets since childhood. They question “Who owns public space?” and “Why are homeless people arrested for not having an ID?”

Episode 2

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