Episode 4: Coping Creatively

“People have this kind of hubris that…everyone is drawn to their town to live off of them. What is true…as it is here in Dallas, the majority of people are homeless in their own hometown. So the majority of those 27,000 people [who have received IDs from the Stewpot] were from Dallas or have spent most of their life in Dallas.” 

– Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan on The Stewpot’s ID service and how it debunks the myth that the homeless are being imported to Dallas from other cities.

In Episode 4 of Street View, you meet Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan, Executive Director of The Stewpot, a safe haven for the homeless and at-risk founded by First Presbyterian Church in 1975. Bruce gives a glimpse of the past and future of homeless services in Dallas through the many projects initiated by First Presbyterian Church, including upcoming plans for 508 Park Ave and Encore Park Dallas. The projects expand upon The Stewpot’s efforts to go beyond addressing the basic needs of the homeless by inspiring creativity and building community through art, music and performance. Discussion continues with Charlie Piano, a quilt-maker who became homeless after losing his wife and his job. Charlie is able to cope with his current situation through creativity and the support of The Stewpot’s art programs. Charlie is known locally in Dallas for his quilt-making in public spaces like Klyde Warren Park and the fourth floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library.

Episode 4

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