Episode 5: Healing the Homeless

“The healthcare provisions for indigent people are different between all the different states. In some states single adults who make a low enough income qualify for Medicaid. That’s not true in Texas. If you are a single adult…even if you had absolutely no income, there is no provision for health insurance for you.” 

– Dr. Susan Spalding on why the homeless are not covered under the Affordable Care Act
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In Episode 5 of Street View, you meet Dr. Susan Spalding, Director of Parkland Hospital’s Homeless Medical Services, including five HOMES mobile units. As Dallas County’s safety net hospital, Parkland continues to develop to meet growing demands for medical services to low-income families and adults, including the homeless and the poorest among us, since they do not qualify for Medicaid in the state of Texas or coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Spalding provides insight into the unique health issues facing the homeless, including the spread of disease in shelter-environments and the need for specialized medical services, including podiatry, since homeless individuals spend so much time on their feet.

Episode 5

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