Season 2, Episode 3: Broken isn’t a Bad Word


“You know when you see a guy drowning there is a lot of things you can throw his direction. Maybe I’ll throw a sandwich his direction. Maybe a toothbrush, a razor, a blanket. But when a guy is drowning what he really needs is to be rescued. … The problem [of homelessness] is much bigger. Many of the solutions we provide are just band-aids. … Without a foundation of faith, a dysfunctional life cannot even begin the process of healing.”

– Pastor Wayne Walker on why he believes the Gospel is the answer to solving homelessness 

The Street View Podcast team reunites with Pastor Wayne Walker, Executive Director of Our Calling. Pastor Wayne was featured on one of our most popular episodes from last season, “When Sin Takes Over,” which stirred up some controversial ideas about sin and homelessness. He joins us again to talk more about the general dysfunction that all humans deal with, the issue of providing short-term solutions to individuals experiencing homelessness and his philosophy on healing the whole person.

Season 2, Episode 3:

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