Season 2, Episode 4: What Does ‘Home’ Mean to You?

“This really was a way for me to change the dynamic between myself and the person on the street. It really gave me a way to engage with them and connect. … Now I am continuing to do this because I also realize it has the potential to help other people to slow down a little bit and realize these people on the streets are just like them. They’re just like me. We’re all the same.”

– Willie Baronet, SMU Professor and Artist on ‘Where did the idea to purchase cardboard signs from the homeless come from and why do you do it?’

The Street View Podcast team is joined by SMU Professor of Creative Advertising, Willie Baronet. But it’s not his work in Creative Advertising that has brought him to the show,. Willie has made quite a name for himself through his art using cardboard signs he purchased from homeless individuals on the street. Willie has been collecting them for over 21 years and has had several art installations throughout the country. His work is featured on his website as well as on feature articles by NPR and the Dallas Morning News, among others. In addition to his art, Willie has a feature-length documentary, “Signs of Humanity” in the works. Rashad and the team discuss how the project has changed Willie and those who witness it as well as the fundamental question, “What does home mean to you?”

Season 2, Episode 4:

One thought on “Season 2, Episode 4: What Does ‘Home’ Mean to You?

  1. […] On February 2nd, TAI Professor Willie Baronet has made an appearance on the Street View Podcast to talk about his homeless project and to discuss the meaning of home. To learn about this project and to listen to Professor Baronet’s powerful definition please visit […]

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