Season 2, Episode 7: Mental Illness

“One of the big things is to talk about mental health more than mental illness because you want to have good mental health. If you use that terminology, it’s a lot less scary to a lot of people.”

– John Dornheim, President of NAMI Texas
Dallas Public Library staff at NAMIWalks Dallas on May 9, 2015 

According to John Dornheim, Special Projects Manager of NAMI Dallas, National Alliance on Mental Illness, one if four people are affected by mental illness. Many times it is more than just the person who suffer, it is his/her friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. John joins the Street View Podcast team to talk about mental illness, mental health and how NAMI works to provide education, support and advocacy for those affected by mental illness. Mr. Dornheim too suffered from mental illness prior to joining NAMI and shares his personal experiences.

Season 2, Episode 7:

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