Season 2, Episode 10: The Vagabond

“If we were supposed to be selfish God would have just made one of us. If we were supposed to be selfish, He would have just stayed up there by himself. He didn’t need us, you know what I mean? So I truly believe that we are supposed to be selfless individuals. … Whether you’re homeless or housed or whatever, I encourage you to be selfless in some sort of sacrificial way. I think that is the true human experience.”

– Rashad Dickerson urging listeners to give back to each other and be selfless

The Street View Podcast Team catches up on the past year and what the future holds for the podcast and the library’s Homeless Engagement Initiative. Rashad reflects on how much life has changed since the podcast started almost two years ago, how much the library has meant to him in that time, and his inner conflict about currently being stable and “selfish.” The future of the podcast is up in the air as Rashad debates whether or not it would be best to “hand over the mic” to someone else next season.

Season 2, Episode 10:

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