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  1. I had approach a board member of the Downtown Dallas Library in regards to reintroducing the “Movie Day,” for homeless persons and community neighbors. I thought it would be a great idea to bring back a visual aid that could be used to make more people aware of homelessness; the misconstruedness and misconceptions of homelessness and to educate people more about issues surrounding homelessness. I also, feel that “Movie Night,” helps people in the community to cope with uprising situations that may happen on a daily in the news and abroad. “Movie Night,” can deflate some issues that could normally cause upheavals, if the right movie is shown for the present situation. Movies, can reduce tension, stress and depression for some people who are experiencing them. Many libraries throughout the U.S. have been using movies to interact with the community. “Movie Nights,” may help a poor soul from out of the elements to find relief for a brief moment to recaptivate their thoughts and or actions. There are many reasons for “Movie Nights” to come back again to the libraries of the Dallas/Metroplex. And for the those reasons alone, we should consider the positive
    impact if will put on the lives of those who are destitute.

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