Our Team

Rashad Dickerson – Host

RashadRashad Anthony Dickerson is an individual  who considers himself to be raised by the village. At the age of two his mother was murdered and his father has been a sort of phantom since birth. Rashad has since arrived in Dallas from New Orleans, considers himself a humanitarian with the heart of a child yet he possesses an innate way of expressing difficult issues. He often says “I’m a product of the village, can I give back? You taught me, can I teach you?”

Jasmine Africawala – Co-host/Producer

jas podcast sessionJasmine Africawala is the Community Engagement Administrator for the Dallas Public Library. Like many librarians, she has a love of learning and serving the public. Jasmine first discovered her passion for community programs when she served as an AmeriCorps member with Central Dallas Ministries in 2007.  She has since helped develop city-wide literacy programs for adults and children, as well as lead the library’s Homeless Engagement Initiative.

Ryan Smith – Technical Director

RyanRyan Smith is a Library Associate at the Dallas Public Library. Visiting the library throughout his life fostered a love of reading and learning. He has been involved in the technical production of radio programming both locally and at the national level. Both avenues have been influential on his belief in the open exchange of information and ideas as a critical component of life in a free society.

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